The Sufi Muslim community, the Naqshbandi tariqa, resemble each other during spiritual retreats at the "Douce France" farm, located near Vendôme "to take time to live within nature and to reconnect with the divine", says their spiritual master, Hadj Abd El Hafid. From the esoteric tradition of Islam, the Sufis aim in their practices for the "purification of the soul" and to "get closer" to God by learning about oneself through the other, or by more intimate activities, such as meditation, dancing and singing.
In search of wisdom and spiritual elevation, brothers and sisters from all backgrounds adhere to the Naqshbandi tariqa, which has the qualities of kindness, mercy, acceptance of others without judgment, sincerity and respect between women and men. Of Muslim religion, they join Sufism as the deepest practice of Islam - a peaceful spirituality centered on the love of the heart and beauty.
It is very difficult to estimate the number of Sufis in France because these mystics do not like to put themselves forward and prefer to practice self-improvement and good manners in discretion in order to be better adapted to modern society.
For each retreat, every 1-2 months, up to thirty disciples come to the "Douce France" farm to celebrate traditional festivals together, share the reading of sacred texts, garden, contemplate, pray, while connecting to the rhythm of the seasons, the Moon and the Sun.
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